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Jeffrey J. Flamman

Jeffrey J. Flamman began his career as a financial representative in 1984. He is a graduate of Alfred University with majors in both Economics and Finance, where he received the Wall Street Journal award for academic excellence in Finance. Mr. Flamman was the former host of “Money Talk” on WGBB radio on Long Island. In 1983, he published an article related to investment timing with the American Institute for Decision Sciences and was invited to present his findings at their annual meeting. Mr. Flamman has also served as an educator, teaching financial planning courses in the public education network. Over the past twenty plus years, Mr. Flamman has formulated customized individual and corporate financial plans in the following areas: Employee and Employer Benefits, Funding of Buy/Sell agreements, Estate Planning resources, Individual Financial Retirement programs, Insurance Needs Reviews, Corporate Retirement Investment Plans.

Mr. Flamman is a financial representative with Lincoln Investment Planning, LLC., a full-service broker dealer based in Fort Washington, PA. By applying his knowledge of financial services and utilizing a keen ability to transfer that knowledge to others, his clients are well on their way to pursuing their financial goals.